Party with Chicago Bar Crawl Trolleys

Imagine your favorite alcoholic beverage, the liquor of your dreams made with the choicest ingredients that will make any wine aficionado ecstatic. Imagine the acidity that makes the fruit sparkle, a balanced mouthfeel in your palate that’s precisely to your liking. Imagine the wine that’s spicy with perfumes of cherries and violets, just waiting for you to take a sip. Now, imagine not having the right transportation to take you and your buddies there, and the helplessness of not having a designated driver for your night out. This, then, is where Trolley Bus Rental’s Chicago Bar Crawl Trolleys saves the day.

Our 18, 24, 33 or 55-passenger Trolleys guarantee safe, luxurious, and elegant transportation along with a professional chauffeur for your whole group of best buds; simply take your pick. And with our intimate perimeter seating adorned with brass railings and polished oak, you’ll never find yourself wanting for more.

Trolley Bus Rental will also provide you with quality sound systems to ensure a night to remember. Isn’t that just one of the best Chicago Bar Crawl Trolleys experiences ever? Give us a call and book our trolleys today!

Other Chicago Trolley Features:

  • Spotless and efficient trolleys
  • Punctual, trustworthy, and professionally-trained chauffeur
  • Weather-adaptive windows
  • Intimate perimeter seating adorned with brass railings and polished oak
  • Comfort heating and air-conditioning
  • Kick back and relax with your favorite food and beverages
  • On-board lavatories, TV and DVD, AM/FM Cassette/CD Player, PA System


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