Logan Square Trolley Wedding Transportation

Live well, love much, laugh often. When you begin your always and forever in marriage, that is the promise you give—and we can help you with that. With Trolley Rates Chicago’s Logan Square-based Wedding Trolley rental services as your official partner, we’ll take you to your celebration of love and friendship with your perfect match in nothing but the highest standard of luxury, style, and intimacy. There’s no need to worry about your whole wedding party—we’ve got your safe and comfortable transportation covered.


Devote your life to your significant other from this day forward with our 18, 24, 44 or 55-passenger Trolleys that guarantee the most elegant and exquisite solid oak and brass. Let the state-of-the-art built-in sound system serenade you and your family during onboard photo-ops. And because your other half is truly worth the wait, we’ll roll out the red carpet for you when you reach your destination with posh and pizzazz. After all, we want you to look back fondly on the best day of your life.

But if you want to backtrack to the night before, where you laughed and cried with your bridesmaids at your bridal shower or where you got drunk on your bachelor party, we’ve got that covered, too. Trolley Rates Chicago in Logan Square comes fully equipped with on-board lavatories, fiber optic ceilings, strobe lights, and on-board champagne—everything you need to stay love-struck, committed, and yet still party hard with your best buds before you finally tie the knot.

So go ahead—ask your better half if you can have this first dance. With Trolley Rates Chicago’s Logan Square Trolley Wedding Transportation, we’ll give you the smoothest ride of your lifetime. Book us now and get hitched without a hitch!

Other Logan Square Trolley Features:

  • Spotless and efficient trolleys
  • Punctual, trustworthy, and professionally-trained chauffeur
  • Weather-adaptive windows
  • Intimate perimeter seating adorned with brass railings and polished oak
  • Comfort heating and air-conditioning
  • Kick back and relax with your favorite food and beverages
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