Exclusive Trolley Promotions Chicago

When a man and a woman decide to spend their lives together forever, their closest friends will always be there when the bride walks down the aisle. Before the happy couple exchanges their vows, round up those best buds for a night out in the city with Trolley Rates’ 18, 24, 33 or 55-passenger Trolleys and have the best bachelor party or bridal shower ever!

Whether you’re out on a bar crawl or on the road to escort the whole wedding party to the reception, remember to catch some good grub over at Mercadito Kitchen, where simply mentioning “Trolley Rates” will get you exclusive perks as part of our Trolley Promotions Chicago. State Restaurant & Café will grant you fabulous discounts as well, so you know your tummies are in good hands with Trolley Rates.

If our intimate perimeter seating adorned with brass railings and polished oak isn’t enough, Trolley Promotions Chicago also includes a special partnership with Tally, the one-of-a-kind mobile app that’s revolutionizing the club industry by providing you with a whole new bar experience. Simply handle your tabs, make transactions, and track orders along with default tips with the app and you’re all set. Trolley Promotions Chicago definitely has you covered, so give us a call today!


Other Chicago Trolley Features:

  • Spotless and efficient trolleys
  • Punctual, trustworthy, and professionally-trained chauffeur
  • Weather-adaptive windows
  • Intimate perimeter seating adorned with brass railings and polished oak
  • Comfort heating and air-conditioning
  • Kick back and relax with your favorite food and beverages
  • On-board lavatories, TV and DVD, AM/FM Cassette/CD Player, PA System




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