Bottoms Up With Chicago Bar Crawl Trolleys


For the imaginative bartender, there is nothing like the casual sophistication and elegant structure that unfolds from a glass of wine. But an even more perfect companion at the table is your own group of best buds as you party the Chicago night away! Trolley Rate Chicago’s Bar Crawl Trolleys will not only provide you with safe, elegant, and luxurious transportation, but we’ll also make sure that you enjoy every sip.

Our 18, 24, 33 or 55-passenger Trolleys make each trip to your favorite bar a flavor medley of primary tastes and depth of flavor. The comfort heating and air-conditioning will also make sure that each drink of choice is at the peak of its taste so that you can enjoy your round, balanced, tannin structures. Plus, our Bar Crawl Trolleys are at their finest with exquisite solid oak and brass interiors, as well as built-in sound systems to keep your spirits up all night!

So cheers to your good health! Trolley Rates Chicago Bar Crawl Trolleys even have professional designated drivers for you so that even the most discriminating aficionado can drink to their heart’s content. Ready to have a ball? Just give us a call!

Other Features:

  • Spotless and efficient trolleys
  • Punctual, trustworthy, and professionally-trained chauffeur
  • Weather-adaptive windows
  • Intimate perimeter seating adorned with brass railings and polished oak
  • Comfort heating and air-conditioning
  • Kick back and relax with your favorite food and beverages
  • On-board lavatories, TV and DVD, AM/FM Cassette/CD Player, PA System
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